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Our white wood marble can be both vein cut and cross cut, The vein cut looks like natural wood texture and the cross cut have a river stream looking, both of them are prefectmaterial for wall and flooring tiles, mosaic, wall panel, culture stone, kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, ect.
For more TEST REPORT information as follow:
Absorption by weight: 2.66%
Abrasion resistance(Sawn): 13
Mpdulus of rupture: 10.8 MPa(Dry)/ 11.0MPa(wet)
Flexural Strength:9.8 MPa(Dry)/ 7.4MPa(wet)
Compressive Strength:198 MPa(Dry)/ 184MPa(wet)
Attaching our photos for your reference as follow:
White Wood Marble Vein Cut (Polished)

Whie Wood Marble Gross Cut+Acid

White wood marble composite tile
It is size 30x60x1.2cm (0.3+0.9) for indoor,with white wooden marble, each tile have 10 row with 3cm each width,
free length and accept color variation to make it more natural.

Whie Wood Marble Culture Stone

White Wood Mabel Slab

If you want to know more information an any inquiry, pls feel free to contact us,  We have at least 500m3 blocks in stock and ready to cut for customers at any time.

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