Natural and Unique design basalt columns

Posted by Shirley on May 24,2016  /   Review(s)
Basalt columns are natural rock formations created by the rapid cooling of lava on the earth's surface millions of years ago. 

It not only can be customized but also natural original use for exterior and interior decorative. 

There are many places having basalt column like China, Ireland, Australia etc while in China, there are different types of basalt columns. 

That's why a lot of customer will buy them from China, it is always unique and special design to meet different requirments. 

More informations show as bellow:

1) Various size: Height from 50cm to 120cm,  diameter 10cm-30cm etc or as your request. 

2) Finishing:  Polishing, Natural, Split etc 

3) Usage: Square, Plaza, Garden,  Landscape scenery etc.

Maybe you will be interested in our products. you can talk to us at any time.

Polished Basalt columns

 Exterior basalt columns
Basalt stone columns
 stone columns

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