Cooking with Your Lava Rock Grill Stone-Unique!

Posted by Horly on Jul 25,2015  /   Review(s)
Cooking with Your Lava Rock Grill Stone- Truly Unique!
Our Lava Rock Grill Stones are made of FDA food-safe volcanic stone. We choose first grade volcanic stones from hundreds of different quarries for grill stones. It’s a fabulous way to cook meat, seafood and vegetables to the exact temperature liking of each person, by each person!  So healthy- no oils or fats are necessary for this sizzling stone to work. It’s magic on your food. It’s where a social food gathering meets the dining table for a highly interactive cooking and dining experience.  You and your guests, each with his own Lava Rock Grill Stone set, will be able to have a unique DIY cooking experience while enjoying each other’s company, gathered around the dinner table.

Hereof are some tips for your reference. It’s easy to handle it.
Place your choice of meat, seafood or vegetables on your heated Lava Rock. The heated Lava Rock is carefully placed into the stainless steel base, which sits on top of the bamboo serving tray. Each person will season the food to their taste and using a heat-resistant utensil, will let the food sizzle and cook to mouth-watering perfection, right in front of them while seated at the dinner table. They can be used indoors or outdoors; great for parties, picnics or give as a cherished gift for the foodie in your life.
Popular sizes (can be customized for sizes& designs):

A full set of grill stone will be a nice Christmas Gift!

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