Unique hole black lava stone

Posted by Shirley Xue on Apr 26,2016  /   Review(s)
Lava stone,we also called basalt stone that it is from volcano magma eruptions
Basalt is used in construction (e.g. as building blocks or in the groundwork), making cobblestone 
(from columnar basalt) and in making statues.
Heating and extruding basalt yields stone wool
, said to be an excellent thermal insulator.
After thousand years of geological action, the magma becomr the natural stone lava stone with different colors 
Such as black lava, red lava or grey lava with rough holes surface and natural texture.

The individual holes of lava stone make it very attractive compared with other natural stone.
it is exclusive, hardness with good density, heat resistant and never froze.
lava stone is  becoming popular selection of buidler and architect preference. 

Shape: Irregular paver
Project: Hawaii,USA
Black Lava Stone Lava Stone
Puka Lava stone
Irregular lava stone

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